Knowledge, Attitude, Behaviour and Practices Assessment Study

Without investigation of what young people know and how they feel about the issues of sexual and reproductive health, it is almost impossible to design an effective programme against the spread of HIV and AIDS. AMAL looked in depth at three districts: Mansehra, Chakwal and Vehari in partnership with PLAN.

How the project worked:

  • We took sample data from 469 adolescents aged 11-19. They all came from a low socioeconomic background in the three targeted districts. Males and females were sampled in equal numbers. The data was compiled and analyzed using FoxPro;

  • Our findings showed that the majority of respondents had knowledge within an average range. We found that those with adequate knowledge held some misperceptions;
  • We concluded that effective sexual health education for adolescents needed further study of their daily pattern of activities. It also required that parents and teachers should be educated to pass on accurate information to children and students.