This four-year project, supported by Catholic Relief Services Pakistan, reached out to women, young people and religious institutions across Pakistan. The aim was to integrate HIV/AIDS into existing programmes and activities so that it becomes part of the development agenda.

How the Project Worked;

  • In the first cycle, we strengthened and supplemented HIV/AIDS prevention and counselling services in three rehabilitation centres for drug abusers.

  • In the second cycle, we set up youth information centres in formal schools run by the Catholic Board in nine locations in Punjab.
  • In the third cycle, we targeted organizations working for women’s employment and minorities in all the four provinces.
  • In the fourth cycle, we conducted training of trainers for students of religious institutions (madrassas) in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support, and stigma elimination and set up youth information centers on the madrssas premises. 

The outcome was 370 Master Trainers who provided information and support to 8,500 direct and 25,000 indirect beneficiaries.

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