Training under the Agent of Change Programme for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Staff in Pakistan and Afghanistan

AMAL’s service delivery project focuses on Karachi, a city of 12 million people and Pakistan’s largest commercial centre. Women and girls surviving as sex workers on the streets and in the brothels of the densely populated area from Kemari to Toll Plaza run a high risk of HIV/AIDS infection. This four-year, World Bank-funded project in collaboration with SACP aims through peer education to help these women improve and sustain their quality of life. This means empowering sex workers to teach their own.

What the Programme Offers;

  • Testing services for sexually transmitted infections, free medication and condoms

  • Pre/post test counselling and support
  • Legal and protection referral services
  • Rights-based life skills training
  • Drop-in centre
  • Help line
  • Behaviour change awareness campaigns for safe sex practices, using specially designed audio-visual support
  • Clinic providing basic health care services
  • Life skills training programme for children
AMAL - Human Development Network
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