The project strengthened and reinvigorated advocacy efforts begun with the 2006 Unite for Children Unite against AIDS advocacy left off. Since that time, as programming tools, models, guidelines and protocols related to children and HIV were developed, they carried the logo Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS to tie them to the initiative and make the initiative visible, however, specific advocacy efforts around children since that time have been usually subsumed under a general HIV agenda. Three years after the National launch of the campaign, as HIV programmes are now being brought to scale to achieve Universal Access, it is critical to strengthen advocacy around the initiative and the programming that has begun in Pakistan around the 4Ps of the campaign. The project was implemented as part of the HIV and AIDS Joint Programme component of the Health and Population Joint Programme. It built multi-sectoral partnerships between the National and Provincial AIDS Control Programmes and other line ministries.

The purpose of the project was to put young children and adolescents at the centre of the National HIV and AIDS agenda in the context of Universal Access, three years after the National launch of the Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS campaign/initiative.

The results achieved were:

  • Bring together opinion leaders including district line-departments, religious leaders, influential community leaders and programmers to discuss targets for children in the HIV response, gaps in those targets, and key stakeholders role in a multi-sectoral response for children. 
  • Conduct skills building sessions with media specifically around reporting on results for children and HIV and the 4Ps of the Unite initiative, highlighting the impact of irresponsible reporting on the lives of children and their families.  
  • Broadcast narrated PSAs on the 4Ps of the Unite initiative, highlighting the decisions the persons interviewed took to understand their risk to HIV, address the risk and subsequently seek services.