AMAL means “action” in Urdu.

Founded in 1997 as a youth-focused HIV & AIDS action group, today AMAL is one of the most visible advocates for prevention, treatment and awareness in Pakistan.

AMAL has a history of working with marginalized groups. Over a decade, AMAL is focusing on the marginalized youth – providing them with life and vocational skills for their safer survival, change in professions (socially acceptable) and increase in livelihood opportunities / income generating activities.

AMAL tackles the problems of HIV and AIDS in women and young people in two ways.

  • The first is through its growing project portfolio, designed to bring about change in the lives of individuals and communities (including research, use of participatory media, advocacy trainings and IEC materials development).

  • The second is through a series of advocacy events and collaborations with other organizations, intended to raise the profile of issues central to women and young people in Pakistan.