In a conservative society like Pakistan, public discussion of HIV and AIDS is limited and the figures for clinical HIV and AIDS infection are often misleading.

What is well known is that in this largely patriarchal structure, large numbers of women are forcefully denied to seek education. Unable to access such essential information as the facts relating to their own sexual and reproductive health, women’s ability to protect themselves against the spread of HIV/AIDS is severely restricted.

Yet, given the spread of the disease through drug abuse, prostitution and migrant workers, protection is essential and key.

Children and adolescents in Pakistan are no less at risk from HIV and AIDS infection than adults. To prevent this, the most effective approach is through a broader discussion of human sexuality and its role in each individual’s physical and psychological development.

AMAL’s goal is to help eradicate the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS so that the most vulnerable to the disease cease to be the least informed.

With partnerships our objective is to:

  • Provide the best service delivery and education programmes for vulnerable groups.
  • Bring about a wider understanding of HIV and AIDS and its links to sexual and reproductive health, genderand employment issues in the community as a whole.